Terms and Conditions

Skylinkparking.com trading under the name of

Company number: 08343993
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WC1N 3AX

Read the following information carefully for your perusal:

(A) All our terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the client at the point of the booking being made. Bookings made via the telephone will be considered valid when confirmed by the Skylink advisor, who will quote a reference number to the client for the use of the Service.

(A1) Any bookings are:

(B) E-mails containing confirmation details are issued automatically by our system on the completion of the booking. Skylink Meet and Greet cannot be held responsible for those details not reaching a client's inbox due to the security settings/ email being diverted into your spam or not receiving email due to typing an incorrect email address. 

(C) Any outstanding amounts, such as car wash, late fee or any additional charges will be deducted from your credit/debit card before handing the vehicle over to you.

(D) We reserve the right to refuse your booking and walk away at the time of operation if any of our staff feels that customers are rude or use abusive language towards them during any conflict. Also, we reserve the right to refuse your booking and give NO refunds will be made.

(E) We will do the utmost to ensure that the collection and delivery of the vehicle are made at the agreed times. However, we cannot be held liable for any delays caused due to unforeseeable events, such as traffic, adverse weather conditions, rush hour delays, holiday seasons, flight delays, sudden arrivals, etc.

(F) Under Road Traffic Act 1988 your vehicle should be road legal to drive by complying with valid road tax, all four tyres no less than 1.6mm of thread, valid MOT, and insurance before handing over the vehicle to us. It is also important to be the case for the whole duration while the vehicle is in our possession.

(G) You will be responsible for any liabilities or costs that are incurred by us, as a result of the clients’ vehicle not complying with the Road Traffic Act, such as legal fees, penalties, and confiscation fees.

(H) We do not accept vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or commercial types of minibuses and vehicles with trailers and vehicles that are deemed to be unfit to drive which include an overheight vehicle.

We do not accept the following vehicles and other exclusions 

  • Any motor vehicles with the upgraded Loud Exhaust System.
  • Any motors registered before 1999, which can be X or W plate.
  • Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce.
  • Any vehicles over the insurance group of 51. You could check your vehicle on the given link below. 
    Booking your vehicle with us at your sole discretion. In the event of a claim or a dispute, you will not be paid the total or partial value of your vehicle or any incurring losses. Also, our insurer has reserved the right of refusing your total claim. 

(I) Operators will not carry out vehicle inventory checks; please leave your possessions, i.e., phones, Sat-nav/electronic devices, loose coins, etc., in the glove compartment and locked when handing the vehicle to us, also which has to be declared with the driver and signed.

(J) We strongly advise you to carry a spare key for their vehicle, which would we require to keep by the customer. You should only hand the car key when you are giving the car. We will not accept liability for any other keys or other decorative items.

Your booking, Day of arrival, Cancellations, and Amendments (More charges refer to clause (F))

You have to have a booking with us for these terms and conditions to be applied.

1. Non-Flexi bookings cannot be cancelled at any time, whereas this would not affect Flexi/Corporate bookings (cancellation fees are applicable).

2. None acquiring the service on the day for any reason, a refund will not be issued.

3. No fees will be refunded to any customers who wish to reduce the length of their stay once the service is in place.

4. Clients wishing to extend their stay will be charged at a daily rate of £15. All changes must notify us via email or a phone call in advance.

5  Any clients Show up (to drop off the car) before the originally scheduled day, you will be charged a fee of £10 per day (This will not be incorporated into your existing booking).

6. We will not take any responsibility for vehicle returning delays, in the event of a sudden show-up with no prior notice.

7. You would be responsible for paying the car park charges if you were to arrive earlier than 30 minutes or more from the scheduled collection time without prior notice.

8. In the event of a client making a duplicate booking for the same stay/vehicle and the client does not contact us within seven days of the point of booking made will incur the full cost of that booking.

9. Booking made within the next 24hrs of the plan and wish not to travel (last-minute travel) will not be refunded.

Security and Content

1. It is the condition of acceptance of any vehicle that the client removes all the loose and valuable items as we cannot accept responsibility for their loss. If needed, we can help to safe keep the clients’ useful items.

2.     Our insurance does not cover any lost or stolen items (any vehicle contents).

3.     In some cases, we act as an agent for the other Airports, hence any lost or stolen goods in the event of a dispute have to be dealt with by the companies who handle your booking.


1.     TRADE EX underwrites our insurance and it covers any legal liabilities up to £30k within their terms and conditions.

2.     Once the vehicle is parked in our facility, then the insurance of the vehicle reverts to the client's insurance coverage (Valet parking insurance only covers the vehicles during the transit).

3.     We do not accept responsibility for any mechanical, structural, or electrical failure to any part (including window and fobs) of the clients’ vehicle, while in its custody or during the transit nor will it be responsible for any damages caused by acts of God.

4.     Unless otherwise accepted by us, we are not responsible for any damages or punctured tyres or wheels. If any puncture arises due to the negligence of the staff, we will ensure that the replacement tyre to the same condition as the previous tyre.

5.     We only inspect vehicles for visible damage or dents and scratches. Therefore, we will not take liability for any minor dents/scratches that occurred in the vehicle, unless it is proved to be caused by our negligence. We will not hold you responsible for any damage to the vehicle, at the time of the inspection, the weather conditions and poor visibility prevented the damages from being seen. It is your responsibility to take pictures of your vehicle when leaving your car with us.

6.     We do not accept responsibility for the condition of the vehicle on return, whether the car was handed over to any of our drivers in a dirty or clean condition. A car wash can be requested when a vehicle handing in at extra cost.

7.     We cannot be held responsible for minor damages or scratches. In case of a dispute, it is your responsibility to prove that we caused the damages or scratches through their negligence.

8.     We offer vehicle washes with booking. However, this service can only be provided if the weather conditions are suitable for this service to be carried out or during the off-peak period. We will certainly refund your money if the service has not been carried out. We are not responsible for existing minor scratches or dents that become visible after the wash.

9.     We will attempt to start your car using a boost battery in the event of a nonstarter. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a direct result of having to jump-start your vehicle.

10.  Damage claims will not be accepted unless reported to our staff immediately on return of the vehicle at the terminal and written confirmation is obtained to confirm damage with tangible evidence. No verbal agreement will be taken into consideration.

11.  In the event of a dispute, the insurance company will decide if a vehicle has been “Written Off” and we will take their decision as final.

12.  Our insurance company will not provide a courtesy car in the event of a vehicle being written off/damaged. However, the management will decide to find an alternative option depending on the severity of the case. We will not provide you like for a like vehicle. It will always be the case with a standard 4-door car, such as Toyota Yaris, fiat 500 or similar.

13.  We will neither pay any third-party hire purchase companies until unless it is accepted by us nor any charges from your private insurance.

14.  It is a must that you take your time and go through with the driver during the vehicle inspection process when handing over. No compliance with this process and the responsibility of your vehicle’s scratches/damages will not be accepted by us on your return.

15.  Our approved organisations must repair scratches and minor damages. We will not pay for third-party quotes or other losses and expenses (we must agree to claims). It will be your responsibility to organise the vehicle drop and collection to our garage. We will not authorise or accept any works to be carried out by the dealership even in the event of the vehicle preceding its warranty.

16.  We will not strictly accept windscreen damages/stone chips during the transit or caused by weather conditions unless it is proven that the damage caused through our negligence

17.  We will not take responsibility for existing windscreen cracks (small cracks may get large during transit or in certain weather conditions).

Exclusions and Limits of Our Responsibility

1.     Losses or damages covered by your insurance. No vehicle will be covered for theft/fire/flood or any other intervening acts of nature while the vehicle is under our custody.

2.     Any indirect or direct loss as a result of damages or losses to the vehicle (such as loss of earnings/flight missed/ vehicle rentals or third-party claim costs).

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints must be given in writing/email to us within 48hrs of the charge made. In addition, any changes will be null and will not be taken into consideration after this period.

1.     If any dispute arises regarding the condition of any vehicle when collecting or when returned by us, it must be put in writing on the driver’s document and on the client's copy. Both parties must sign these documents to confirm these details. In the event that a claim is disputed, the client must give written notice containing full details of the occurrence to us.

2.     General complaints would take up to seven days to be taken action by the management.

3.     Any complaints will not be considered once the vehicle has left the airport terminal having been returned by the driver to its owner. Therefore, the client must check their vehicle before leaving the terminal regardless of the time of the day.

4.     Any complaints should be in writing to admin@skylinkparking.com along with your transaction ID.

Moving and Relocating Vehicles

1.     We reserve the right to move your vehicle between the compounds to shuffle vehicles, which would incur additional mileage of a minimum of 15 each way.

2.     We may drive additional in the event of fuel/washing your car.

3.     Airport to vehicle compound distance will be only calculated from the main entrance of the terminal.

Other Charges

 Flexi Rate Booking

Booking cancellation up to 12hrs - £15 or you could transfer for the next booking within the 30 days window.

Flight delays after 12hrs of the grace period - £10 per day

Change of arrival day - £10 per day.

Amendments – FREE

Late arrival than schedule time 2hrs free then £20

Flight delays or vehicle collection after 23.30 - £25


Booking cancellation - No

Refund or transferrable - No

Flight delays “ After 8hrs grace period £20

Change of arrival/return -- £20 per day

Amendments “ Free for any vehicle change, i.e., replacement of the vehicle

Late arrival than schedule time“ 30 minutes free then £20

Flight delays or vehicle collection after 23.30 - £15


Booking cancellation up to 24hrs notice £25 or you could transfer for the next booking within a 7-day window.

Less than 24hrs notice - No refund

Amendments - Free

Late arrival than the scheduled time – 45 minutes Free then £10

Flight delays or vehicle collection after 23.30 - £20 per hour starts from 23;30

After service starts, any amendments will be charged at £20 other charges

All charges must be paid in cash at the time of collection or will be debited from your registered card.

Corporate Offer 1 Free Booking

All ten bookings must be made at one time or within the 6 months to be qualified for the free reservation, i.e., if you have made a booking for the 10th of January. This booking will be expired on 9th July.

You must request your FOC parking via email for your holiday or business trip for up to only 10 days (non-transferable this booking will be issued to you and your registered vehicle).

You will be offered a free meet, and greet storage, and return of your vehicle. A prevailing car park fee will be your responsibility of yours.

Terms of money-back guarantee and exclusions

Any service delays due to Accidents, flight delays, adverse weather conditions or roadblocks/ accidents and police diversions or any delays or no service offered by us due to being late arrival at the car park by the customer.

If we have picked and dropped off your car within a reasonable time Frame i.e.: under 30 minutes window.

Returns without notification or by entering wrong return dates or the flight number Etc. The same applies when dropping off the vehicle.

We reserve the right to full investigate before we issue any money/refunds. We may request you to submit any supporting evidence depending on the circumstances. Ie: Picture evidence, Witness statement.


All the above T&C are governed by and shall be construed by the laws of England.

We may alter our terms and condition at any time with the decision of BOD and will be updated only on our website with immediate effect

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